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This article explores Bobbi’s entrepreneurial journey, along with her focus on self-care and empowering women in the beauty industry.


In this feature, Bobbi shares her journey and mission with her company Bodela to empower entrepreneurs and change the mindset of the health and beauty industry, inspiring daily self-love and self-care through holistic healing products and expert beauty services.


In this feature, Bobbi discusses the vision of Bodela and embodies the spirit of resilience and determination, overcoming adversity and breaking boundaries in the world of business and entrepreneurship, inspiring others to chase their dreams and reach their full potential.

LA Weekly

Celebrity make-up artist turned entrepreneurial coach, Bobbi Vargas has a stunning story of triumph over adversity. The self-made woman’s tale of spirited success following a troubled childhood is inspiring for all the right reasons.

Ritz Herald

In this feature, Bobbi, who is a Syrian-born make-up artist and entrepreneurial speaker, shares her journey of mastering the art of make-up and sales while emphasizing the importance of health and beauty as interconnected aspects of personal wellness through her brand Bodela.

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In Profile Daily

In this feature, Bobbi highlights the vital connection between self-care and entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of maintaining good health and wellness to thrive as a successful entrepreneur.

NY Wire

Step into the world of superfoods with Bodela Sea Moss Gummies. As the trend for sea moss, or Chondrus crispus, continues to gain momentum, these gummies are at the forefront of the revolution.

US Business News

In this feature, Bobbi captivates with her inspiring journey from celebrity makeup artist to wellness icon, showcasing her resilience, determination, and transformative power to redefine natural beauty and health through her revolutionary venture, Bodela.

Influencer Daily

In this feature, Bobbi shines as a beacon of resilience, sparking transformation in the health and beauty sphere through her renowned entrepreneurship, luxury sales expertise, and groundbreaking brand Bodela, inspiring others to believe that nothing is impossible.

Atlanta Wire

In the realm of wellness and self-care, one name stands out as a beacon of inspiration and change – Bodela. This dynamic and innovative brand is challenging the norms of the natural beauty industry, rising as a trailblazer in the holistic healing space.

Market Daily (Bodela)

In the realm of wellness and self-care, one name stands out as a beacon of inspiration and change – Bodela. This dynamic and innovative brand is challenging the norms of the natural beauty industry, rising as a trailblazer in the holistic healing space.

LA Wire (Bodela)

In this feature, Bobbi reveals her transformative journey in the health and wellness industry through the groundbreaking brand Bodela, championing holistic wellness and making a profound impact on individuals’ physical and mental well-being.

California Observer (Bodela)

A standout figure for wellness, Bodela has positioned itself as a unique beacon of holistic health. This exceptional brand, breaking away from the conventional methods synonymous with the industry, provides a nuanced approach to health and wellness that acknowledges both body and mind. 

Market Daily (Bobbi)

In the annals of personal achievement and the pursuit of holistic well-being, there exists an extraordinary individual whose mission is nothing short of revolutionary. Meet Bobbi Vargas, a celebrated entrepreneur, author, and public speaker, and a formidable force in the realm of business and self-development. 

LA Wire (Bobbi)

The name Bobbi Vargas represents more than just an individual; it’s a story of resilience, innovation, and unwavering ambition to create a difference. 

Miami Wire (Bobbi)

In this feature, Bobbi empowers entrepreneurs with the key to success, sharing her extraordinary journey from luxury sales to founding the groundbreaking health and beauty brand, Bodela, while promoting holistic well-being and philanthropy.

Haute Living (Bobbi)

In this feature, Bobbi shines as an empowering force in business and self-development, guiding entrepreneurs towards success and proving that with the right mindset, anything is possible.

Ritz Herald (Bobbi Second Article)

They say laughter is the best medicine, but when it comes to Bobbi Vargas, she knows that a healthy body and mind are the real keys to a fulfilling life. 

First for Women (Bobbi)

In this feature, Bobbi shines a spotlight on her groundbreaking company, Bodela, and their mission to pioneer the mindful revolution in health and beauty, offering holistic wellness solutions that promote self-love, self-care, and balance in life.

CEO Weekly (Bobbi)

In this feature, Bobbi pioneers change for women in business, empowering them to pursue their dreams and challenging traditional notions of success.

Health Source Mag (Bobbi)

In this feature, Bobbi takes center stage as a visionary entrepreneur revolutionizing the health and beauty industry with her innovative brand, Bodela, while inspiring individuals to prioritize holistic well-being and redefine their own beauty standards.

Beverly Weekly

In this feature, Bobbi presents a comprehensive system designed to transform lives and businesses, offering practical strategies for success, emphasizing health and mindset, and providing a supportive community to help entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals and find fulfillment.

Elite Luxury News

In this feature, Bobbi reveals the secrets to entrepreneurial success, guiding individuals towards their goals through practical systems, holistic well-being, and a supportive community.

Voyage NY

In this feature, Bobbi takes us on a journey where self-care becomes the driving force behind the entrepreneurial spirit, showcasing her groundbreaking ventures, her commitment to empowerment, and her unwavering mindset that nothing is impossible.


Bobbi discusses being an entrepreneur and her unwavering commitment to inspire others drives them to continuously innovate and achieve greatness.

The Blacklist Podcast

Bobbi opens up about her remarkable journey from luxury sales to entrepreneurship. She delves into the secrets of achieving self-balance, garnering support from those around you, and attaining holistic well-being in spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of life.

Waking Up with Marci

Bobbi shares several of her company Bodela’s products to build on individuals’ personal care.